The Rotary Club of Murdock, Chartered the Twenty-Eighth day of January, 1992.

Charter Surrendered 30 June 2020

20200123 Roster Murdock Club

On March 16, 2017, The Rotary Club of Murdock Celebrated 25 years of Service! 

20170907 Approved Murdock Rotary Bylaws

Approved Foundation By Laws 8-29-18

Constitution of the Rotary Club of Murdock

The Murdock Foundation Articles of Incorporation

The Murdock Club Articles of Incorporation 501(c)(3)

Amended Articles of Incorporation 2001 to 501(c)(4)

IRS Letter 501(c)3 Walt-2

Form W-9-2020

A very Proud Accomplishment!

First time ever the Rotary Club of Murdock received this Citation

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Murdock Logo-1_InPixio

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