Friday, May 12, 2017, The Rotary Clubs of Murdock, Englewood and North Port Central had a “Fun Raiser” event at the Stone Crabs – Miracle baseball game.  The event’s purpose was to help educate children and parents about water safety.

“Josh the Otter” is quickly becoming a Rotary symbol for water safety.  The “Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation” was formed when Blake and Kathy Collingsworth lost their son Joshua to drowning in their family pool in 2008.  The “Josh the Otter” mascot was there to throw out the first pitch to start the game.

Josh and friends.

Josh & Friend-02               Josh & Friend-01

Summer Rusher and “Josh the Otter” (Kevin Avendano)

Josh waiting to throw first pitch-01Kevin Avendano

“Josh the Otter” was given support and encouragement by the Stone Crabs mascot, “Clawford”.

Josh & Clawford

Also present at the game, to advocate children’s water safety, was Paul DeMello founder of “JACD” (Just Against Children Drowning).  Paul lost twin boys to drowning in 2010, and has made it his personal goal to educate parents about water safety and prevent another tragedy from happening.


Pictured left to right, Paul DeMello, Miranda Hoff, Haley Matzen and Jenna Holloway

Alfred Current III, President of the Englewood Rotary Club, recently received a “Water Safety Advocacy Award” from the “Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation” for his leadership in promoting children’s water safety.  Pictured below are Alfred and Paul DeMello with the well-deserved award.


Photos submitted by Walt Powers, President of the Rotary Club of Murdock


The Rotary Club of Murdock distributes Concert proceeds

The Port Charlotte Middle School and the Murdock Middle School were recipients of some of the proceeds from the John McCutcheon folk music concert the Rotary Club of Murdock sponsored last December.  Checks in the amount of $2,000 were given to both schools to assist the band/music programs in these schools.

Band instruments are in need of repair and/or replacement so the students can continue their participation in the band programs offered in these middle schools.  These donations will help sustain these programs.

 The Murdock Rotary Club also presented a $2,000 check to the Charlotte Technical Center to help deserving students financially, so they can complete their training in various fields of study.

 Ellen Harvey-Kay Dubbert-Amenda Miller-Walt-3  DeLynn Bennet

Pictured in the photo on the left, Ellen Harvey, Charlotte County Schools, Kay Dubbert, Murdock Middle School, Amanda Miller, Port Charlotte Middle School, and Walt Powers Murdock Rotary President.  In the photo on the right is DeLynn Bennett, Charlotte Technical Center and Walt Powers, again.

Murdock, FL April 21, 2016
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